Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vinyl Machine

Jeff recently bought me a vinyl machine, which is something that I have been wanting for a long time. I have not had much time this summer to play with it because of being in school, but am looking forward to playing with it now that classes are over. More information to come...

Family Beach Trip 2009- Orange Beach, Alabama

We have been so lucky this summer. We have gotten to go to the beach 3 times this summer, that's more than any other summer! We just got back from our annual family beach trip to Orange Beach. We stay at the Caribe on the bay! We are able to stay here thanks to the Foshee Family! They are generous enough each year to give us some family time at their AMAZING condo! Each year we make memories that I will never forget. Just like most of pictures is a MUST! Below are a few of my favorites and yes...we are missing one person...Harris, he was not able to come this year because of work.

Newest Project @ The Branch's

Well most of you know something is ALWAYS going on at our house. Last summer Jeff and Josh tackled the sprinkler system so I HAD to find something for them to do this summer...TILE FLOORS! This project was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Jeff and Josh (or Pedro and Hector) did an AWESOME job! These two make a great team and we are so lucky that Josh is ALWAYS willing to help! THANKS JOSH!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow in Montgomery?

Several weeks ago we woke up to snow. Yes, I said Montgomery, Alabama! It is always fun to get snow every once in a while. I would not like to live in a place that gets snow any more than we do. The snow did not last very long, but it was long enough for me.

Valentine's Beach Trip

This year for Valentine's and Jeff's Birthday, we went to Panana City Beach. This was only my second time going to Panama City. I was a little worried at first, but after getting down there I saw that there is a good Panama City and a nasty Panama City. We were in a great part of Panama City. We stayed at AQUA and it was really nice. We went with some friends of ours, Josh and Renee Dickerson and I am pretty sure that the four of us were the youngest people there. AQUA was filled with mostly...Snow Birds!

We had a great time shopping, eating out, relaxing in the hot tub, watching Fireproof, and we also cooked in a couple of times. Overall we had a great, relaxing weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Voting Booth

This is a late post but, my Mama and I made a voting booth for the kids in my class and in the classes next to me. The kids really enjoyed getting to vote for the President. They had a booth, voting ballot, and even got the sticker, "I VOTED". After tallying the votes from Mrs. Branch, Mrs. Hagen, and Mrs. Brantely's Second Grade Classes...John McCain would be the President!

Super Bowl

This year, at the last minute, we decided to have some friends over to watch the Super Bowl. Although I am not sure we watched much of the game, we had a great just hanging out! Below are some pictures of what was suppose to be the 3D Half Time Show. Yea, Not So Much! Cooper could not figure out where JP had gone. He kept saying, "Where are you JP?" It was too cute!