Friday, February 6, 2009

Voting Booth

This is a late post but, my Mama and I made a voting booth for the kids in my class and in the classes next to me. The kids really enjoyed getting to vote for the President. They had a booth, voting ballot, and even got the sticker, "I VOTED". After tallying the votes from Mrs. Branch, Mrs. Hagen, and Mrs. Brantely's Second Grade Classes...John McCain would be the President!

Super Bowl

This year, at the last minute, we decided to have some friends over to watch the Super Bowl. Although I am not sure we watched much of the game, we had a great just hanging out! Below are some pictures of what was suppose to be the 3D Half Time Show. Yea, Not So Much! Cooper could not figure out where JP had gone. He kept saying, "Where are you JP?" It was too cute!