Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valance/Cornice Board

Well...we FINALLY got finished with the cornice board for Mollie's room. This seemed like an easy project, but took forever! I only ordered a yard and a half of the material to do the cornice board in. I had to order the material from Mobile, which took a week to come in. Jeff and my mom measured and measured and marked the material for You Name It to know where to put her monogram. Jeff and I went in You Name It and Jeff gave the woman SPECIFIC directions as to what we wanted done. They said the material would be ready on Friday...well it wasn't! My dad and I went to pick it up on Saturday and it was COMPLETELY MESSED UP! The monogram was NO WHERE NEAR where Jeff and my mom had marked for it to be. But...after Jeff had a little discussion with You Name It we had the monogram and material back and ready to finish the cornice on Monday. Below is a picture. Also, if you need a cornice made, Jeff can take care of it for you. Just let me know!

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The Olives. Matt, Chandler & Hudson said...

Such a cute room!!! Ya'll did such a great job. I know you are beyond excited!!! Congratulations!