Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Pictures of the Nursery

Below are some more pictures of the nursery. My mama made the bedding and I think that it turned out so cute! My mama did a great job! I am so glad that she was able to make it. It means so much more to me than anything I could have ever bought. My sister bought Mollie her "M" nightlight, which is precious in her room and matches perfectly. The frog in the bed was given to me when I found out I was pregnant by my sweet friend Amanda because she says, "Every baby needs a frog." The only thing we have left to do is finish working on a lamp to go on the table. My mama and I found the lamp at Eastbrook and are working on re-doing it. I will post pictures of it when we are finished.

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Denise said...

The nursery looks great. So much fun!